Prototyping of PAYSURAs System


PAYSURA is working on a loyalty system based on its own blockchain. A blockchain that is only focusing on a loyalty system and can be customized by each merchant to create his own bonus program. To get a better understanding of the basic IPC cycle, PAYSURA has developed some prototypes in form of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

First Step: Overview

PAYSURA want to establish a worldwide, unique loyalty system. It is important to keep the overview of the market for the merchant and the customer. To make it easy to understand the customer will use the PAYSURA app that will summarize all available merchants including their products in combination with the IPC as the reward.
Through this, the customer can decide where to get the best reward for a specific product.

Second Step: No Costs – Earn Reward

It has never been so easy to get rewarded as it is with PAYSURA. Through the PAYSURA system it will be possible to get rewarded simply for entering a shop. Visit your favourite shop and get rewarded.
Have a look at the design of the app and see how simple it will be to earn your reward.

Third Step: Use Your IPC

PAYSURA will develop a RewardPool to offer products for all collected IPC. The Reward Pool will partly be community-driven but it will also be possible for merchants to get a pool-unit for their own products. Through this mixture of those merchants and the PAYSURA community, many products and services can be offered in the Reward Pool.

PAYSURA Reward Pool: Prototype

To get a better feeling for the Reward Pool of PAYSURA you can check out our MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
Notice: Please open it via your desktop computer (not responsive and not for mobile). It is a prototype to show what will be possible.
Check out the registration and login process and the summary of the products.
Click on the Icon to get forwarded to the prototype:

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