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PAYSURA - International PayReward Coin (IPC)

PAYSURA intends to provide a decentralized, worldwide available and uniform customer’s loyalty system based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Development, Invest and Support


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Our Core

PAYSURA is providing the International PayReward Coin (IPC) as an enabler for a worldwide uniform reward system that applies the advantages of the Blockchain Technology thereby revolutionizing the reward systems landscape. The IPC will be used to reward customers for buying products or services. IPC will be collectable through different channels and options such as online platforms, the crypto market in general as well as all partners offering reward in form of the IPC. All IPC can be used in a reward-pool to exchange them against reward products or services.

Blockchain & ERC-20 Token

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PAYSURA’s Customer Gratification System will take advantage of blockchain technology, the leading software platform for digital assets like cryptocurrencies and tokens.
As a public and distributed ledger technology, a blockchain allows fast and cryptographically protected transactions that place great importance on safety and security. By using blockchain-based smart contracts, PAYSURA is aiming to establish an automated reward system for end-customers and merchants that can be fully executed without human interaction. An important part of the implementation of the project as well as the ERC20 token is on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum Blockchain is the leading open source blockchain for the development of smart contracts. PAYSURAs smart contracts will be developed in its Turing-complete programming language “Ethereum Solidity”. End-Customers participating in the PAYSURA Reward System will be rewarded with IPC through the self-regulated PayReward algorithm. Among other things the algorithm considers the purchase price, the economic requirements of the merchant, the total token supply and the merchant’s remaining IPC, as well as the IPC exchange rate. PAYSURA intends to constantly optimize its PayReward algorithm, in particular by using artificial intelligence in the future. This approach can potentially provide a way to stabilize the IPC exchange rate.


Establish a globally fair and trusted reward system that empowers consumers without weakening the merchant.


Provide the world’s leading customer gratification system.



Interesting Facts

About Traditional Loyalty System

Reward/Loyalty Program Jungle

Physical Reward Cards

Traditional Data Storage

Limited Usablility Options (Unflexible)

Reward Points Expiration

Complicated Registration Process

Single Point Of Failure

Customer Data is often Shared and Stolen

Customer Behavior Manipulation

Your Way. Our Way. The Roadmap.


The International PayReward Coin provided by PAYSURA. Concept and development of the Whitepaper.

Whitepaper – Road to the Crowdsale (DONE)

Publishing of the Whitepaper.

Partnerships for PAYSURA (Ongoing)

Establishing and enhancing of Partnerships. Starting Affiliate Programs with Amazon and Ebay.

Report for IPC & MVP of the Reward Pool (Done)

Creation of a development focused report of PAYSURAs IPC Smart Contract and its security aspects.


During the Crowdsale the total of 60 % of all IPC will be made available for the community

Partner Programs

Establishing PAYSURAs reward system for Partners (at first via test environments).

The IPC on Crypto Currency Exchanges

The IPC will be listed on several exchanges after a successful crowdsale.

Rollout of the RewardPool Concept

Deployment of the RewardPool v1

The first version of the RewardPool will be deployed.

Concept of a new Blockchain by PAYSURA

PAYSURA intends to develop an own blockchain that is optimized for the customer’s loyalty system use case. The target is to establish an adaptable blockchain that has fast transactions and can be used with an individual character by merchants. A merchant will be able to customize his reward program on top of this blockchain with an own bonus system but will still run on one blockchain.

Next Steps will follow after Crowdsale

Meet Our Core Team

We are a team from Germany consisting of Computer Scientists, Business Administrators, IT Consultants and a Finance and Accounting Specialist. All members of the PAYSURA team are passionate about the Blockchain Technology, its use cases and especially the cryptocurrency market and its implications for the financial and economical system since the early stages. PAYSURA is an opportunity to bring the consumer-market to a new level thereby empowering the community.

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How to buy IPC?

Start: March 3, 2018, Saturday, 01:00 PM (GMT)
Hard cap: $30m
Token: International PayReward Coin (IPC)
Price 1 ETH or 4 LTC or 0.1 BTC = 6000 IPC (35% Off & Whitelist)
Exchange rate: ETH, LTC, BTC
Project protocol: ERC20

IPC Token Contract Address

To add IPC in your wallet use this smart contract address: 0xa5FD4f631Ddf9C37d7B8A2c429a58bDC78abC843  (Don’t send any fundings to this address!).

Token Price:


1 ETH or 4 LTC or 0.1 BTC = 6000 IPC (Whitelist Bonus of 35% is extended to all first day contributors)


1 ETH or 4 LTC or 0.1 BTC = 5500 IPC (25 % Off)


1 ETH or 4 LTC or 0.1 BTC = 5000 IPC (15% Off)


1 ETH or 4 LTC or 0.1 BTC = 4400 IPC  (Final Sale)


Minimum: 0.2 ETh or 1 LTC or 0.05 BTC

Distribution of IPC

The total amount of IPC will be 440 000 000.

PAYSURA will offer 60 % of IPC – 264 000 000 – during the crowdsale. 25 % of all IPC -110 000 000 – will be reserved for the PAYSURA RewardPool to reward customers with IPC. 10 % of IPC – 44 000 000 – will be for Dev-Team. 5 % of all IPC – 22 000 000 – will be for advisor and investors.

The IPC part of the Dev-Team (10%) will be locked (contract) for six months. No one of the team will be allowed to sell his part. Also the Dev-Team will not be allowed to sell the whole amount at once. Afterwards it will be only allowed to sell the owned part of IPC in a regulated way (Not more than 10 % in one month). PAYSURA intends to support the stability of the International PayReward Coin and build a product that will bring more advantages to customers and our community.

  • 60% Distributed during Crowdsale
  • 25 % as Reward for Community
  • 10 % Dev Team
  • 5 % Advisors & Investors

Total Amount of IPC:

440 000 000